Prosperous Hotan Prefecture

In Sep., the fragrance of melons and fruits wafts everywhere in Hotan, and farmers are happy for the bumper harvest. After the establishment of PRC, and especially since the reform and opening up, Hotan's economy has seen a yearly increase of 7.5%. The prefecture shows a new outlook, and people's life has been improved a lot. 
60 years ago, Uncle Kurban dreamed to go to Beijing by riding a donkey. However after 60 years, Hotan people can go there by train. Now I am at the construction site of Hotan Railway Station, the terminal of Kashgar-Hotan Railway. Kashgar-Hotan Railway is called way to happiness by the locals. Since it started construction in Dec. 2008, it has been proceeding smoothly. 
Kashgar-Hotan Railway is totally invested with over 5 bln Yuan,and it is built with the highest standard, and leaves space for electrified railway. It will get through in whole length by the end of 2010.
The operation mileage of Hotan Highway reaches over 14,000 km, and 13,000 km of i...

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